I am happy for parents to be present during the lessons and encourage them to help students practice at home especially with younger students. I cannot reiterate enough the importance of a good solid basic technique at a young age and it can be challenging for young students to recognize the finer points of the techniques that they are learning by themselves. Therefore, whilst they are learning the basic techniques I strongly recommend active parent participation in guiding them in the right direction.


I expect all of my students to be as committed in making music as I am and practice 7 days per week. Playing the violin or viola is a skill which needs to be learned and it requires some discipline and daily commitment (practice!). You will soon discover the tremendous joy in playing the violin or viola!

Instead of one chunk of long hours I recommend several short concentrated practice sessions, especially for beginners. For instance instead of practicing one hour straight I recommend practicing 30 mins twice - morning & evening.

I emphasize quality of practicing over quantity. For example, say you are trying to master a passage and are doing repetitive practice in order to get that passage right. If you repeat 5 times paying close attention to what you are doing that’s better than repeating the passage 10 times with no interest hence getting it right perhaps 6 times and getting it wrong 4 times. Remember if you practice ‘not correctly’ then you need twice the energy to correct that false muscle memory.


Please do your best to be on time or better a few minutes early. If you are late then I will try my best to be flexible and give you some extra time at the end of the lesson if I don’t have another student waiting right after you. However know that I won’t be able to do that all the time. It’s your loss if your lesson gets shortened because you were late, so please be on time.


Please turn off your cellphone during the lesson or put it on silence. If there is emergency and you have a legitimate reason to have the phone on then please let me know and I will make an exception.


I require 48 hours notice to cancel a lesson, otherwise full payment is due.

If I have to miss a lesson, I will reschedule at a time convenient for you. If for some reason we cannot schedule a make-up lesson I will give you a refund for the lessons missed.


Playing chamber music and in an orchestra is strongly encouraged. In fact if I think that you would benefit from playing in a group with other musicians then I might recommend you to do so on a regular basis. I also give coaching for chamber music so if you are interested please talk to me.